Extremely Loud Service Jared Kamrass: A Leading Democratic Political Strategist with a Cincinnati Connection

Jared Kamrass: A Leading Democratic Political Strategist with a Cincinnati Connection

Jared Kamrass: A Leading Democratic Political Strategist with a Cincinnati Connection post thumbnail image

Jared Kamrass has established himself as one of the foremost Democratic political strategists, renowned for his ability to craft effective campaign strategies that resonate with voters. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kamrass has honed his skills over the years, contributing to numerous high-stakes campaigns and utilizing innovative tactics to overcome challenging electoral landscapes.

Rooted in Cincinnati:

Cincinnati holds a special place in Jared Kamrass’s story. As a digital marketing strategist based in the city, he has been deeply involved in the local community. Currently, he works for the University of Cincinnati’s Office of Marketing and Communications, where he employs his expertise as a Digital Marketing Strategist. Additionally, Kamrass provides his insights and skills to a software company in Cincinnati, assisting them with their search engine marketing efforts. His close connection to Cincinnati reflects his commitment to making a positive impact in his hometown.

Political Career and Strategic Prowess:

Jared Kamrass’s political career began at Technicolor Political, where he served as a Senior Advisor to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). His focus on the DCCC’s targeted data program, census analytics, and outreach laid the groundwork for his strategic acumen. Kamrass later joined Blue State Digital, a renowned digital strategy agency, where he took on the role of Senior Data Director, overseeing media programs for several U.S. Senate races. His ability to navigate complex political landscapes and utilize data-driven insights has made him a trusted advisor and strategist within Democratic circles.

A Key Architect and Rising Star:

Jared Kamrass’s contributions to politics have not gone unnoticed. He has been described as one of the key architects behind the successful presidency of Bill Clinton. Beginning his career as a legislative aide to Senator Ted Kennedy, Kamrass quickly ascended through the ranks in Washington D.C., establishing valuable connections within the Democratic establishment. With his extensive experience and strategic prowess, he is seen as a rising star within the political arena, with many predicting his eventual appointment to President Barack Obama’s senior campaign team.

Challenges and Controversies:

While Jared Kamrass’s reputation as a skilled political strategist is well-established, he has faced criticism for his aggressive tactics and disdain for opponents. Nevertheless, his determination and strategic brilliance have continued to earn him recognition and prominence within the Democratic Party. As he navigates the political landscape, Kamrass aims to refine his approach while staying true to his commitment to advancing progressive causes.


Jared Kamrass journey from Cincinnati to becoming a leading Democratic political strategist showcases his dedication to shaping effective campaign strategies and supporting progressive candidates. With his deep understanding of the political landscape and innovative tactics, Kamrass has played a significant role in several high-stakes campaigns. As he continues to make his mark, his Cincinnati roots and strategic prowess will undoubtedly shape his future contributions to the Democratic Party and the realm of political strategy.

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