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Common Application of Router Bits

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router bits can really transform your woodworking. They let you add all kinds of cool details and customization to your projects. Whether you want to smooth out edges, carve designs, or anything in between – these bits have you covered.

From basic shaping to intricate patterns, these bits give you total control over how your wood looks and feels. Experienced woodworkers know all the tricks, but even beginners can step up their game with the right bits. I’ll break down some common uses so you know which ones to grab for different jobs.

Let’s start with decorative profiles – that’s where the edgers, coves and V-bits truly shine. Turning plain boards into show-stopping statement pieces is what they do best. Whether it’s tabletops, shelves or window trim, these bits pimp out any project.

Joinery is another router’s strong suit that can’t be ignored. Straight cutters whiz through drawers and cabinet boxes like it’s nobody’s business. And rabbeting routers take casework joints to a whole new level of perfection thanks to built-in bearing guides.
Don’t even get me started on plunge cuts – mortises, hinges and concealed hardware have never had it so easy. A plunge router and proper bit turns these usually tedious tasks into a total breeze.

Routing out intricate details and interruptions is also in these bits’ wheelhouse. Ever see a core or pattern bit go ham on a piece of wood? It’s a quicker, cleaner process than chiselling or drilling could ever be.

As your skills grow, don’t be afraid to flex on specialty profiles too. Bespoke mouldings, wacky shapes, CNC creations – when a bit is combined with imagination, the possibilities are endless.

On a more functional note, routine tasks like sanding cabinets gets 1000x easier with a single pass of a roundover or chamfer bit. Template routing also cranks out duplications at the speed of light.

The bottom line is routers unlock all sorts of efficiency and extra creativity wins when you think beyond surface level applications. I hope this overview inspires you to ditch the sandpaper and push your bit mastery to the next level!


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